Timeless message

Tribal people all over the world view the world with the most sensitive and insightfull intelligence and which have a profound respect and responsibility for life.

The tribal concepts of the interdependence of life may well be worth listening to.

The Kanis (owner of the land) know that the earth’s cycle is intimately connected to the birth and death of all living creatures. They have elaborated beliefs, rules, and rituals which embue them with the duty to ensure that those cycles continue revolving without upset. This is part of an pressarticle that I wrote for the Indian Express in january 15th, 1995. The title of this article was ‘A Simple Message.’ I wrote this for the festival that was conducted by the International Centre for Cultural Development (ICCD) for the tribal community from Kerala, South India.

We organized a 5 days program with the Kani Tribes for our foreign guest who where residing at ICCD at that time.

Now it is May 2012, I right away can write the same message as 17 years before. It is even more relevant now then it was at that time. We really have to take the words of my great teachers, whom I learned so much, very seriously. Be nice to each other and yourself and ultimately be nice to the whole world.

Cornelis Peters


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