Siddha Medicine and the connection with Egypt



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Islamic Medicine Unani in Holland.


Unani came from the Arabic word ‘Unan’. Islamic culture influenced Unani medicine very much.

Many Unani books started with the great comments from the divine prophet Muhammad Nabi; Mughals has brought Unani medicine to India. Unani medicine is an ancient natural medicine like Ayurveda medicine.

For the first time in

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Tribal Medicine in Holland.

Mattu Pongal
Today’s subject is about Tribal medicine. This earliest medicine came from Pashupathy culture. Pashupathy means the lord of all animals.
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Silent battle


Dr. V.P. Mohana Kumari

Dr. V.P. Mohana Kumari is fighting a silent battle for medicinal plants. Plants cannot go to the leaders of their country to talk about their worries about extinction from this earth. It is not high on the agenda of most world leaders. So I am doing… Read the rest....

About the International Open University

This year our International Open University start with a couple of very interesting Short Courses for National and International students. The aim is to bring people from different cultural backgrounds for a short period together to share knowledge, ideas, peace and happiness for a positive future where togetherness and cooperation … Read the rest....

Timeless message

Tribal people all over the world view the world with the most sensitive and insightfull intelligence and which have a profound respect and responsibility for life.

The tribal concepts of the interdependence of life may well be worth listening to.

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