This course teaches a different kind of techniques to learn how to connect your atma.

    Abhinaya Mudras and its usage

In this class, you learn about different poses and hand gestures (mudra’s) to connect Jeevatma and Paramatma (individual – and universal soul).

    Mantras performances

There are different mantra’s that connects Jeevatma and Paramatma. In this class, you learn how to perform and pronounce the mantras and chant it in a correct way.

    Ankahara yoga and meditation

In this class, you learn a specialization in yoga, and that is Ankahara yoga. This form of yoga connects the individual and universal soul.

    Akodam meditation and pranayama

This class teaches you a particular form of meditation and pranayama. Akodam is a form of meditation that helps you focusing, grounding, balancing and waking up your spiritual level.

    Three Gunas and Facial expressions

In this class, we practice facial expressions and the knowledge of three gunas. Through facial expressions, you can reach atma and through that you can reach your Paramatma.

    Jeevatma Paramatma connection with flute

Musical instruments made with the purpose to connect Jeevatma and Paramatma. The flute is an example of that. In this class, you learn from the theory of the flute how to cross the different levels in your life.

    Seven Ragas – Sapta Swaras

In this class, we focus on the existence of seven animals and birds connected with plants that show you the seven sounds of nature.

    Prana connection with Chenda

Chenda is a temple instrument from Mother Goddess made with medicinal wood. The main purpose of Chenda is to show the ten life breath energies. In this class, we let you experience how the vibration of chenda can enter your body.

    Atma connection with Saptha dhadus

In this class, you learn about Saptha dhadus. Dhadus are the seven tissues of your body. In this course, you learn and experience the situating places of Atma and Paramatma in your body.

    Unity of Jeevatma and Paramatma (individual and universal soul connection).

In this class, you learn and experience how to reach the unity between Jeevatma and Paramatma. Unity is the ultimate truth that we need to get to fulfill our aims and goals in life.

What do you gain from this course?

You gain the knowledge to connect with your atma so that you can teach this precious knowledge to others.

What do you achieve from this course?

After the course, you get a diploma. There are stage possibilities, working facilities and job possibilities in our centre after the course.

Duration and fee of the course

It is a one year course and the fee is €2500,-.
10 monthly lessons.
The course is repeated every month.