Tribal Art and Medicine

Tribal people all over the world view the world with the most sensitive and insightfull intelligence and which have a profound respect and responsibility for life.

The tribal concepts of the interdependence of life may well be worth listening to.

The Kanis (owner of the land) know that the earth’s cycle is intimately connected to the birth and death of all living creatures. They have elaborated beliefs, rules, and rituals which embue them with the duty to ensure that those cycles continue revolving without upset.

They see this as the most intelligent way to meet life and death. Perhaps this is the really meaningful and challenging message which tribal people have for the world.

As modern society moves further towards a selfish individualism in which everything, from life’s genetic blue-print to human body parts, is give a price tag, the tribal people are a vital reminder that people can choose other priorities and other ways of living.

The tribal people show us that caring for the world our “Mother” is the same as caring for others, which is the same as caring for ourselves.

That is a timeless message of great beauty, universal importance and surely indisputable truth.