Siddha Medicine and the connection with Egypt




I want to explain about Siddha medicine and invite your hundred percent attention.
Through Sumerian and Mesopotamian culture Siddha medicine came to South India in the form of small Shiva known as Osiris.

He is blue in color, and he is the God of Medicine. In India, we gave him the name Maravo (disappearing God).
We are familiar with the word Pharao the King of Egypt.
In Kerala, we have a gigantic blue yam also known as Maravo. You can see the connection with Egypt and the Pharao and his blue color. When the Pharao disappear, they find blue yam at those spot. When the Pharao comes back, the yam is disappearing.

Ofcourse this has a connection with medicine.
The different countries have a meeting point, and that is the mingling of three great seas. The seas connected all those cultures together and brought the Gods and medicines on the shores of each country.  India received and worshipped the proto-Shiva, or the small Osirus in their temples.

From the beginning, Siddha medicines show it highest value in medicine preparation, diagnosing techniques, and treating the problems of human being and animals.
They use eight types of miracles (siddhis) for healing purposes.

The result was always very satisfied. Later this medicine from Egypt joined to the Dravidian culture. Because of the long history of continuous worship, the Dravidian culture is still very much alive and with it the Siddha medicines.

From India, the Dravidian culture spread to countries like Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. Later it also influenced the Buddhist culture.
Remembering its fascinating history, it is very important for us to learn and keep this heritage alive. For that, I give courses and treatments in Siddha medicines. You are most welcome to visit me.

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